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Tripp Lite AVS5D

  • Производитель: Tripp Lite
  • Код товара: AVS5D
  • Доступность: На складе

AVS5D Automatic Voltage Switch is a power protection device combining overvoltage, undervoltage, lightning and spike/surge protection for your appliances and electronics. This device also guards against surges and spikes that may occur when power is restored. The AVS5D easily handles small refrigerators, small freezers, small air conditioners, TVs and computer equipment, plugged into its single outlet, from fluctuating power.

Program buttons let you quickly set voltage range, on/off delay, overload protection and digital display mode. The easy-to-read digital LED displays show you voltage, wattage, settings and status at a glance. The AVS5D features surge-protecting components to guard against spikes and surges.